Preview Volvo S60 R-Design for 2012 with Pictures

June 21st, 2014
2012 Volvo S60 R Design Angle View

Volvo S60 R-Design for 2012. This is a sports sedan from Volvo which shall enliven the automotive market next year. Exterior with a bright red color and the elegant curve of the body, a sporty alloy wheels make this car an aggressive look at the view from the outside. Sign on the inside of the […]

2011 Subaru Impreza Specs, Price and Pictures

June 21st, 2014
2011 Subaru Impreza Side View

2011 Subaru Impreza is a car that many in the search. Subaru car production has proved quite popular in the market. Because it is a 2011 Subaru Impreza sedan is fitted to the vehicle tranzportasi family. For the price of the 2011 Subaru Impreza starting from $ 18,220. For exterior and interior let us directly […]

2012 Audi RS3 Sportback Preview, Price and Pictures

June 20th, 2014
2012 Audi RS3 Sportback Angle View

2012 Audi RS3 Sportback. This new Audi car that will enliven the automotive market next year. Audi RS3 is designed with power and design that can produce maximum power. 2012 Audi RS 3 Sportback uses a 5-cylinder engine that produces 340 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. While the maximum speed reached 250 km / […]

The next generation of the Nissan Altima sedan for 2012 with Specs, Price and Pictures

June 20th, 2014
2012 Nissan Altima Images

2012 Nissan Altima Sedan. After this year Nissan has been brisk automotive market with the Nissan Altima is sold in the market, the Nissan will be back next year with 2012 Nissan Altima is redesigned. Aerodynamics character exterior and elegant make this car suitable for family transportation vehicle. Material from Aluminum hood, Lights with High […]

2012 Chevrolet Silverado with a Price, Pictures and New Features

June 19th, 2014
2012 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ front Angle View

2012 Chevrolet Silverado. Chevrolet Silverado is a car that many are looking and demand in the market. This car is a car model truck. This car is available with some models of choice, allows you to select according to the model you like and also adjust the money you have. And of course performen of […]

2011 BMW 3-Series Sport Carbon Limited Edition

June 19th, 2014
2011 BMW 3 Series Sport Carbon Angle View

BMW as we know it is an automobile manufacturer that has been famous throughout the world with luxury cars. BMW is also constantly updating the production of his new car. Like this time, the manufacturer BMW offers the BMW 3-Series Sport Carbon version for the Dutch automotive market. But, reportedly BMW carbon version of this […]