BMW X6 Typhoon RS V10 SUV Limited Edition Review and Pictures

February 25th, 2013 Filed under: BMW

BMW X6 Typhoon RS V10 – There was a surprising news of BMW X6. Because BMW X6 Typhoon RS V10 referred to as car Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in the world’s fastest. BMW performance tuning specialist G-Power BMW X6 Typhoon creates and V10 RS. This super SUV produced exclusive, available only five units.

BMW X6 Typhoon RS V10 Front side view

Direct entry to the interior of the BMW X6 Typhoon, the interior was also redesigned. This is to give the rider experience in controlling this super SUV. The ultra lightweight carbon seat and entertaintment system into a high-end version. Not only that, Trim and leather-covered steering shaft.

BMW X6 Typhoon interior

“The purpose behind the G-POWER X6 TYPHOON RS V10 is, besides the fastest SUV in the world, also paid tribute to the V10 engine unit M GmbH,” explained Managing Director Christian Stober G-Power and Zoran Zorneke.

Therefore, in order to get tremendous power, X6 Changes made on the machine. With a capacity of 4.4 liter engine was replaced by the E60 M5 V10 S85 engine. Even the new machines still have to be changed in order to produce power 900 horsepower. Not only the engines are replaced, but cylinder capacity was enlarged to 5.5 liters and replaced with high-performance pistons. Compression enlarged, using T1-316 compressor twin, plus intercooler system and dual air conditioning. With the way gas response to Typhoon better.

BMW X6 Typhoon RS V10 engine

That’s not enough, the ECU also modified to align with the new engine. All these changes result in a maximum power of 900 HP with a torque peak of 870 Nm. Engine power is transmitted to the rear wheel drive system with a six-speed automatic gearbox designed by G-Power.

With the new specifications, the BMW X6 Typhoon RS V10 is able to achieve acceleration 0-100 km / h in just 4.2 seconds. Acceleration 0-200 km / h in 13 seconds, and top speed reaches 330 km / h. G-Power X6 is also ordained as the fastest SUV in the world.

BMW X6 Typhoon RS V10  side rear view

Typhoon aerodynamics and suspension system is also not free of change to get the maximum handling. The car has a total weight of 2230 kg (150 kg lighter than the standard model). Carbon ceramic brake discs 410 mm with six-piston calipers. This system allows the car to be able to slow down better than Earth’s gravity. Brakes are also 50 percent lighter than the standard brake system BMW X6. That information about the reviews and pictures of the BMW X6 Typhoon RS V10 SUV Limited Edition .

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