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2013 Fiat Viaggio Review, Pictures and Release Date

May 2nd, 2012 Filed under: Fiat

2013 Fiat ViaggioNew Car Models. Fiat introduced a new car, this time for 2013. The car is a 2013 Fiat Viaggio that has been in show at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. Some Teaser has thrown in some media. 2013 Fiat Viaggio, measuring 1850mm (width) and 4679 in (length) with a 2780mm wheelbase. If seen from the shape of this car is virtually super stylish and classy.

2013 Fiat Viaggio wallpaper

Fiat Viaggio meaning of the name itself is as follows. Fiat took the name of the Viaggio for their new cars. Viaggio was taken from the Italian meaning “voyage” or “Journey or Voyage”. As for the 2013 Fiat Viaggio in china itself is named “Xiang Fei”  means flying or flying.

2013 Fiat Viaggio Front View

Fiat says that the Viaggio is organized in Turin, teteapi we know that Dart was organized in Michigan. Given that Fiat and Dodge auto-save is the same for different front and rear bumpers, rear lights, badges, and trunklids-we’ll go ahead and assume the claim Fiat means Viaggio in front and rear bumpers, rear lights, badges, and trunklid written in Turin. We are not sure how the Viaggio Italian look, but the designers in Turin could at least take credit for making the car look a little different than the Dart.

new 2013 Fiat Viaggio

For specifications of 2013 Fiat Viaggio. 2013 Fiat new car This Viaggio own use 1.4-liter engine T-Jet turbocharged engine that can produce up to 120 BHP and 150 BHP. As for the market launch of the Fiat 2013 Viaggio planned to be launched in the third quarter of this year. Not sure what the price for this latest car from Fiat.

2013 Fiat Viaggio Interior

2013 Fiat Viaggio Side View

2013 fiat viaggio Specs

2013 Fiat Viaggio rear view