BMW Vision Hybrid Sport Car Review and Photos

February 28th, 2012 Filed under: BMW

BMW Vision Sport Hybrid Car. As we all know that BMW is a luxury car manufacturer that is always present with the latest variant. But in a long time BMW did not blend with the hybrid technology. So that makes everyone ask – ask, because at least in every company has at least one vehicle with hybrid technology.

BMW Hybrid SupercarEven the company’s sports cars like Ferrari and Porsce is a company that uses hybrid technology. Entered into the BMW Hybrid vehicle segment by the introduction of the New Vision efficient dynamics is one of the best diesel-electric plug-in hybrid cars ever built. Its drag co??-efficient is 2.2 beating Toyota Pirus 2.5. It accelerates like a sports car but sips gas like Turquoise.

bmw hybrid futureAppearance of the BMW Vision Sport Hybrid Car, as shown in the figure, where the two front wheels are powered by an electric motor. Rear wheels are powered by diesel engines. This car can travel a distance of 45 Km on a single charge. Where the car is generating electric power from the engine and the diesel achieving 356 HP.

2012 BMW i8 Hybrid Concept InteriorThis body of BMW car more aero dynamic in nature. This car was made ??with an aluminum chassis and other materials made ??of polycarbonate material. The lithuium-polymer battery contains 98 cells. The battery can be charged with-in 2-1/2 hours. BMW Hybrid car selling price is probably between $ 350,000 and $ 400,000. The BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Hybrid Concept is shown.

bmw hybrid concept

bmw hybrid sports car

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